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WCPPC 2016 Morning Biblical Speaker

Dr. Iain Provan - Regent College Vancouver

Dr. Iain W. Provan

Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies – Regent
MA (Glasgow), BA (London Bible College), PhD (Cambridge)

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Proven to WCPPC in 2016 as morning Old Testament speaker.  He is an ordained minister in the Church of Scotland and author of the recently acclaimed book “Seriously Dangerous Religion.”

Regent Faculty Page

WCPPC 2016 Evening Theological Speaker

Dr. Laura Robinson Harbert - Fuller Seminary

Dr. Laura Robinson Harbert

Dean of Chapel and Spiritual Formation – Fuller
M-Div (Fuller), PhD (Fuller)

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Harbert as our evening speaker in spiritual formation. She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Fuller Faculty Page

Jim Edwards 2015 Sessions

TOPIC:  When The Gospel Meets The World (Luke/Acts)

2015 Morning Audio

Carol Kaminski 2015 Sessions

TOPIC:  The God Who Speaks, Saves and Calls (Genesis)

2015 Evening Audio