A Pastors’ Conference

Eight Days after Easter for 47 years now – a conference for pastors.


Pastors from the Presbyterian/Reformed family


Christ-centered and Bible based.


We support both men and women in the pastoral ministry


A week of teaching, worship, covenant community and rest.

West Coast Presbyterian Pastors Conference is an annual week of spiritual and physical renewal in Christ for pastors.  At WCPPC we simply gather each year around the centrality of Jesus Christ and His Word and renew our connection to others called by God to pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian family. Our DNA is best described as:

We are from the Presbyterian/Reformed family, with pastors that largely serve Presbyterian denominations such as the PC-USA, ECO and the EPC. We are welcoming of pastors from other traditions as well.

We understand this in the classic British sense of the term, as Christ-centered and Bible based.

We support both men and women in the pastoral ministry and now intentionally schedule both male and female speakers.

Covenant Community:
Biblical and Theological teaching remain a priority for our conference.  Our commitment to covenant community in small groups is prioritized in our schedule.  Consistent times of worship, rest and laughter continue to make WCPPC a unique continuing education week in the annual ministry life of pastors.

Our History

From 1972 until now

In 1972, a band of Presbyterian (mostly) young pastors decided to meet every year to share and pray for one another, and be challenged by excellent Bible and pastoral teaching. The vision was to be in covenant with each other. The Young Presbyterian Pastors Conference was born at Forest Home with Earl Palmer, Gary Demerest, and Bob Munger teaching. Soon, the conference was moved north to Mount Hermon as a more central location. Over time, reality set in, and the name was changed to West Coast Presbyterian Pastors Conference. Over 50 speakers have challenged us, with Earl Palmer, Dale Bruner, Eugene Peterson, and Jim Edwards returning often. Through it all, the core vision of WCPPC has remained and been renewed by generations of Presbyterian pastors.