Dr. Carol M. Kaminski has taught Old Testament and Hebrew language courses at the Boston and South Hamilton campuses of Gordon-Conwell since joining the seminary faculty in 2002. She is originally from Australia.


Dip. Miss., B.A. (Melbourne School of Theology, Australia)
M.A. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
MAR (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)

Select Publications:

Was Noah Good? Finding Favour in the Flood Narrative (LHBOT, T & T Clark, 2014)
Casket Empty: God’s Plan of Redemption through History. Old Testament Timeline/Reader (Casket Empty Media, 2012)
From Noah to Israel: Realization of the Primeavel Blessing After the Flood (JSOT Supp, 413, T & T Clark, 2004)

WCPPC 2015:


Session 1: The living God who speaks: Reflections on Adam as image, and the distortion of the divine/human relationship in the ANE and in our culture today (Gen. 1—3).

Session 2: The gracious God who saves: Reflections on Noah as a sinner who finds favor, and the implications for the church and our culture today (Gen. 6—9).

Session 3: The missional God who calls: 
Reflections on Abraham’s idol-worshipping family, and the implications for the missional church today (Gen. 11—15).

Also: An afternoon seminar overview of the Old Testament using Dr. Kaminski’s CasketEmpty material (for more info see http://www.casketempty.com/)